Dr. Dorian Quinn Highlights 5 Ways in Which Your Hormonal Imbalance Can Affect Your Well-Being

dorian quinn hormonal imbalance and wellbeing

Hormones are small yet essential. As signaling molecules, they deliver key instructions to your body’s tissues and the endocrine glands. They’re role is crucial in allowing the body to self-regulate— meaning any potential imbalance can have severe impacts on your overall well-being.   Unfortunately, imbalances are common, especially in women (though both men and women may […]

Dr. Dorian Quinn Provides an Overview of Peripheral Neuropathy

dorian quinn peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a painful condition that affects the extremities, most commonly impacting the toes, fingers, feet and hands. It is a type of nerve pain (otherwise known as neuropathic pain) that causes damage and dysfunction to the nervous system, leading to hyper-sensitivity. As a pastoral health services practitioner with more than thirty years of […]

Dr. Dorian Quinn on How to Spot Thyroid Issues Before It’s Too Late

dorian quinn on spotting thyroid issues

An estimated 20 million people in the United States have some form of thyroid condition—according to leading experts, as much as 60% of those cases are undiagnosed and especially dangerous.  Thyroid issues come in many different forms. Some conditions, such as a small goiter (enlarged thyroid gland) are relatively harmless and do not generally require […]